St. John Francis Regis Legacy Society

The St John Francis Regis Legacy Society honors donors who have made the ultimate gift by recognizing Regis Jesuit High School in their wills or estate plans.

Members of the SJFR Legacy Society enjoy special benefits, including:

  • Recognition in our annual report and the Regis Jesuit website
  • Invitation to our annual President's reception
  • An annual recognition event, which will be introduced upon the installation of the St John Francis Regis sculpture to be placed in front of the Steele Center, in spring of 2016
  • Subscription upon request of enewsletters that encompass current financial and health issues, etc.

Please contact Glenn Churchill '69, Major Gifts Officer at or 303.269.8041 for more information.

Click here to download the St. John Francis Regis Legacy Society Notification Form

Below are the current members of the St. John Francis Regis Legacy Society:

Don & Julie Alcorn
Richard A. Berens '54
Randy Blach
Leo J. Boyle '64
James P. '84 & Debra A. Campbell
John & Judith M. Case
Rev. Ronald W. Cattany '71
Kenneth J. & Elieen C. Cavanaugh
Glenn G. Churchill '69
Robert J. & Susan B. Clark
Molly J. Cohen
Peter '74 & Sharon Coursey
Donald R. '57 & Sally Cunningham
Mary V. Dancs
Frank✝ C. Davis Jr. '42
James '59 & Cynthia DeFrancia
Martha Diss Sundby
John Donnellon
William V. '73 & Donna A. Dunn
Robert✝ L. Ezkorn '56
James D. & Diane S. Evans
Katherine Fay
Stephen A. Finn
Steven R. Forness '57
Thomas✝ A. Fortune '28
Paul✝ J. & Delores✝ L. Fry
V & Jan Gaines
Donald E. '51 & Cheri Gallegos
Guy H. Gibbs '47 & Joan Gibbs
Anna E. Gough '07
John✝ T. Grace '52
Donal & Lindsey Grogan
Laurence✝ M. '28 & Zena✝ Gilford
Rich Hamilton '53
Edward✝ F. Hanifen '44
Iris✝ Hanifen
David L. Harris '69
James M. & Carleen V. Haselden
Charles✝ A. Haskell '55
Russell K. '57 & Susan Haskell
Thomas✝ V. '30 & June✝ Healy
John B. & Charlotte B. Jackson
Rev.Walter✝ R. Jaeger '40
David P. & Annette Jewell
Charles '58 & Debra✝ Johnson
Thomas J. & Pamela Kammer
David J. Kasik '66 and Jan Levine
Joseph✝ D. Keating
Margaret Kelley (DWK Foundation)
Frank Kelly '67
Richard J. '48 & Mary Kemme
Gretchen M. Kessler
Dorothy✝ W. King
Gerald J. & Alice L. Laber
Robert Lovelace '84
Lori R. Mahan
Thomas✝ J. Mahon '42
David A. Maybury '78
Daniel J. '67 & Eileen McCallin
Christopher A. '78 & Collette M. McConnell
Anne McConnell
William P. '45 & Jeanne M. McDonald
Charles✝ A. '50 & Mary McFadden
Dr. Brian McGuire '63
Terry '63 & Kay McManus
John E. & Cheri Meyer
Paul L. Miller '04
Gerald A. Mornin '65
Warren J. Olsen '74
Lee J. '78 & Olga L. Payne
Dennis K. '59 & Linda Primavera
Pam Purcell
Michael L. '72 & Jean F. Reidy
Andrew F. Rogers '67
Lon V. Saavedra '72
Samuel F. Saracino '69 & M. Victoria Ries
Martin J. '75 & Megan Schmitz
Vincent N. '44 & Marilyn✝ Schmitz
Lawrence✝ E. Schneider (Florence Schneider Trust)
Daniel Sheehan '70 & Cecilia Prinster
Patricia✝ A. Shepherd
John F. '76 & Susan Sheridan
Kevin H. & Katherine E.Sherrard
Walter✝ T. & Mary Jane✝ Sidney
Robert✝ E. Simons
Ken & Kathy Simmons
Rick & Patti Sobczyk
Elsie✝ Stucka
Rick P. & Donna Sullivan
Rev. Robert✝ M. Syrianey '38
Richard M. & Joan L. Todd
William✝ J. Webster
Michael✝ J. Werito '65
Timothy & Carmen Willard
John W. & Mary T. Zimmerman
Michael A. '74 & Nancy A. Zoellner